I Am Universal Oneness

I Am Universal Oneness

Along Life's Journey the Divine Walks with Me

Lydia Potter


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This book echoes my soul. It expresses oneness with the universe in its simplest form, understanding that love is truly my birthplace. Wherever I am the Universal Soul greets me.


Lydia Potter:
Lydia Potter was born in Tortola British Virgin Islands, grounded in roots spreading from Togo, Cuba, Jamaica, Santa Domingo, Antigua and the US Virgin Islands just to name a few. She can be called many things, a massage therapist, paralegal, or a personal chef. She will answer to IfeTaiyo (Love brings Joy) or Zoye (Bright Dawn), but her soul simply answers to Love. Her intuition and inner guidance takes her to the heart of what matters. Remembering that she was birth in Love. Being an inspiration to all willing to open their hearts and inquire within and cultivate a new way of being is her Spiritual walk. She penned these prose for the purpose of touching hearts through the troubled times and infusing love always. May peace be your journey!