Disinformation and You

Disinformation and You

Identify Propaganda and Manipulation

Marie D. Jones


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They provoke you with anger because fear-filled people are easier to manipulate. The tricks, tools and tactics used to influence you and your loved ones—along with the history of propaganda—explained and explored.

We live in an age of disinformation, misinformation, and outright lies. The modern world blasts us with information, talking points, spin, advertising, and attempts to persuade. But what are we to believe and whom should we trust?

Examining the history of propaganda and disinformation in war, politics, polling, media, entertainment, cults, advertising, science, medicine, today’s media landscape, and even in our personal interactions, Disinformation and You: Identify Propaganda and Manipulation helps you spot and counter the seductive and deceptive tactics to influence individual behavior. It provides helpful suggestions and tips for identifying disinformation and fighting back against manipulation and censorship.

Engaging and useful, this book’s helpful topics include …

  • the money behind politics and the media
  • predictive programming as a form of social engineering
  • advertising sales tactics
  • how things go viral
  • the power of memes and hashtags to push a story or idea
  • censorship in the media and on social media networks
  • sponsored news, fake news, and the mainstream media
  • cult mentality and groupthink
  • disinformation campaigns and false flags
  • how conspiracy theories work
  • how to identify fake news and propaganda

    Disinformation and You shows you the tricks used to influence your behavior. So, get on the bandwagon with the rest of us decent folk and stop listening to fools. After all, two out of three people have seen their IQ scores rise by buying this book! Really, buy this book and be smarter (in recognizing propaganda, that is). With many photos, illustrations, and other graphics, this tome is richly illustrated, and its helpful bibliography and extensive index add to its usefulness.

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    Marie D. Jones:
    Marie D. Jones is the author of over twenty nonfiction books, including Visible Ink Press’The Disaster Survival Guide: How to Prepare For and Survive Floods, Fires, Earthquakes and More, Earth Magic: Your Complete Guide to Natural Spells, Potions, Plants, Herbs, Witchcraft, and More, and The New Witch: Your Guide to Modern Witchcraft, Wicca, Spells, Potions, Magic, and More, as well as Mind Wars: A History of Mind Control, Surveillance, and Social Engineering by the Government, Media and Secret Societies. A former radio show host herself, she has been interviewed on more than two thousand radio programs worldwide, including Coast-to-Coast AM, The Shirley MacLaine Show, and Midnight in the Desert. She has also been interviewed for and contributed to dozens of print and online publications. She makes her home in San Marcos, California, and is the mom to one very brilliant son, Max.