The Dramatic Journey of Eugene O’Neill and Samuel Beckett

The Dramatic Journey of Eugene O’Neill and Samuel Beckett

Jaya Kapoor


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The moderns found these two writers to be one of them, and the post moderns said their essence was post-modern. They were found to have deep existential core and humanism was the defining spirit of their works. When a writer writes with deep empathy for the human situation, the work is freed from the traps of ideologies and techniques. It reaches out to people beyond time and space. Truth is complex and individual in manifestation but simple and universal in essence. This simplicity is the most difficult to achieve and most prized achievement of an artist. This simplicity of the communication is what the journey of O’Neill and Beckett has been all about. Their journey is marked by unsparing effort to give a universal metaphor to an immensely subjective experience. The voices of two of the greatest dramatists come together to tell not just what drama has been all about in the 20th Century, but also what it is in our own day. It looks not just into the plots or characters to understand their works but also how they communicated so much more through the way they visualized the technical aspects and theatrical impact of their plays.